Thursday, 6 January 2011

Quick update

I just want to say thank you for your support comments for my boyfriend. We followed your advice, we went to see a doctor. He now has pain pills and has a appointment with the surgeon on February 1st. And I have to say that his mood got really really better. I guess his optimistic side took the wheel back! I'm so happy that he has the ability to get over it a bit and trust the doctors. I'm sure everything will go well. Let's not jinx it ;-)

Knitting wise, I made some progress on my Kerrera, but I decided to treat me a bit, so I casted on for another project that has been longing in my Wips for a while now, some Lace Legwarmers from CEY. I haven't made some progress really, but I least I casted on. And they will make a great on-the-go project.

I also have swatch for a new design, and it'll be called Iberville. Just a hint: it's Berroco Peruvia Quick, it's Norwegian style fair isle, it's vintage-ish and oh so cozy... pics to come soon?

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Anonymous said...

Good choice to go to the doctor. Things usually get better if treated. I had a ligament rupture last summer. I stayed in bed for a week and on crutches for three weeks and then I gave it my own treatment of not treating it too softly but going for some walks and doing some physio exercises my physiotherapist friends told me. And it was fixed pretty quickly. I can tell if rain is coming now thoug ;)
Maybe you should look for some exercises that strengthen those muscles that support the knee and do those regularly even after it has healed. I still try to stand on one foot while brushing my teeth and can tell how it helps :)

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