Thursday, 31 March 2011

Random : SpaceCamp Subscription!

Hi guys! Just to let you know that today is the last day to subscribe to Space Cadet Creations' SpaceCamp Yarn club! Check out her website for more details!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

What's Hot: Ravelry (19)

It's hot hot hot and it has just been listed on Ravelry! Every week or so, I show you the finest recently added patterns on Ravelry! Don't worry if you've missed it! Click on the image and queue it! Please note that all the images are not mine. They belong to the designer. You may need a Ravelry account (free!) to view the pattern profile

Hi guys! I know I know... almost one whole week without a blog post! I'm used to blog more than that! But listen, in my defense, I have been sick, the semester work are getting crazier and the due date are coming closer! Plus, I had to work on the secret project, which I can't blog about (stay tuned!)...

But don't worry, a lot of other knitty things are happening right now: it's the only thing that can keep me safe throughout this storm of papers and assignments! Save the date: April 13th, everything is over!

Until then, enjoy a What's Hot on Ravelry!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What's Hot: Etsy (1)

Hi guys! I think that this Etsy treasury sums up my current state...

Have a happy rest of the week!

Friday, 18 March 2011

FO: Béthanie II

Hi guys! This FO was done a long time ago, but I just gave it to its recipient this week. Another Béthanie inifinity scarf, knitted with Rowan Purelife Cotton DK, two strands held together.

I really love the result, and so does my friend!

To finish this post on :
A personal note, let's just say that there is only 4 weeks left of school before I graduate...
A knitty note, the secret project is almost done, the deadline is coming fast...

Have a nice week-end!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Interview : SpaceCadet Creations

Hi guys! I am really happy to introduce you a new post tag, {Interview} ! For time to time, I will post the answers of a fiber artist, and talk a little bit about him/her.

All pictures are under copyright of SpaceCadet Creations

The first person answering my questions is Stephanie from SpaceCadet Creations. She is a lovely, smart and dedicated to her art yarn dyer. Her business, SpaceCadet Creations, is growing and growing and she is having more and more success! Here is what she has to say!

  1. How would you describe your work in three words? SpaceCadet Creations is all about modern, funky, and fresh!
  2. Where do you get your inspiration? Absolutely everywhere – the world is full of colour! But in truth, I get the most of it from inside my own head. I have something called synesthesia – it’s a condition where the senses don’t fully separate during infant development and what it means for me is that I literally see colours all the time. I know it sounds crazy to anyone who doesn’t have this, but it’s true! Hearing music makes colours dance before my eyes, and physical sensations, such as stubbing my toe or feeling a warm breeze, creates colours in my mind. As a dyer, it means I have colour inspiration constantly!
  3. What is your favorite hand made gift to give? I absolutely love creating colourways for my friends and giving them yarns that are custom-made just for them. And for my friends who don’t knit or crochet… wait, what are those?!?
  4. If you had an extra hour in a day, what would you do with it? Probably sleep! I’m a total nightowl and happy to stay up and work to 1am, 2am, later… but the world doesn’t work that way and expects me to be up before noon, so I am perpetually short of sleep!
  5. Is there other crafts beside fiber crafts that you like? I love to cook! Does that count as a craft? And having moved back to the US after living all my adult life in Britain, I find that the foods that I can get here are completely different from the what I got there, so cooking has become an adventure all over again. It’s been a lot of fun, discovering new ingredients and new recipes that work in the US!
  6. Are you a perfectionist? In some areas and not in others. I try to be very precise in my dyeing – I see a colour in my mind and I want to recreate it exactly, which can be a bit difficult as I dye strictly from primaries and hand-mix all my colours. I also like my dyeing to look really tidy: nice clean changes of colour, not much splotchiness. It’s funny, because I know a lot of my customers aren’t nearly as fussy about it as I am – some of them even like the splotchiness. And there I am, trying to keep my dyeing all perfect, but you should see my house – half the time it looks like a bomb’s hit it!
  7. Favorite sense: sight, hearing, smell, taste or touch? I think smell, because it’s so very evocative. The smell of something from my childhood will take me straight back there! The smell of kettle on a gas stove takes me right to my grandmother’s kitchen in Yorkshire… the smell of Imperial Leather soap does too. And there is nothing, nothing, nothing like the smell of the warmth in the air on a spring breeze!
  8. Do you have a key phrase that keeps you going? Like a mantra? One day, quite a while ago now, the phrase “it’s ok to struggle” popped into my head. I’d been working on something difficult, really struggling with it, and beating myself up for not getting it straight away… when those words popped into my head, and I realized I needed to stop beating myself up, and to stop expecting myself to get everything right the first time. It’s only through struggle that we learn, and only through struggling that we improve. So, it’s ok to struggle, whether the struggle is with some big issue in my life or just in dyeing skein after skein before finally hitting the perfect colour.
  9. What is the best advice you’ve ever received? I actually think it’s the answer to the previous question, to know that it’s ok to have to try, try again.
  10. What do you wish for yourself and your business? I am thoroughly enjoying creating my colourways, talking to my customers, and watching my business grow. It is such a an exciting time right now! We’ve done our first knitting festival (Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet), we’re about to do HomeSpun Yarn Party in the DC/Baltimore area on March 27, and – I am SO EXCITED about this – we’ve just launched SpaceCamp, the SpaceCadet’s new yarn club, with subscriptions open until the end of the March. It has been such a whirlwind of exciting activity around here! So, I guess, to answer your question, what I really want for myself and the business is for all this excitement and fun to never, ever end!
Thank you so much Stephanie for being so generous! I think you answered my questions like a pro!
Like she said in her answers, don't forget to go look (and subscribe to) at her Yarn club! It's a incredible opportunity to support an artist and knit with gorgeous yarn! Her banner will be on my blog until the subscription time ends. Oh, and just to let you know, I plan on winning her giveaway on her blog...

You can also reach Stephanie on these following platforms:
Yarn club info (subscriptions open until 31 March)
Current contest (ends Thurs 17 March)
Twitter @SpaceCadetCreat
Ravelry Group

You would like to be featured? You are a fiber artist? Contact me at fallingstitches[at]gmail[dot[com]

Monday, 14 March 2011

Yarn Candy: Merino/Silk Sport from Skein yarns

It's here! It's here! The "patience" has paid off!
I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous sample skein of Merino/Silk Sport from Kristen at Skein Yarns in "Rouge" color way.
I can't way to swatch with it...

Friday, 11 March 2011

Random : That waiting is killing me!

I'm disappointed. Yes, disappointed, sad, frustrated! But, why? you say. Because I am waiting for some gorgeous yarn and it's not there. Not there. Nope. The mail lady came this morning, and there was only junkmail in my mailbox.

But but but? I calculated the time it was suppose to take? I'm usually right with delivery times? No? Argh!!

I wanted to do a "yarn candy" post today. Not anymore! In french, we say C'est tombé à l'eau, which means "it fell into the water" ...

I will not leave you empty handed though. My yarn comes from Kristen from Skein yarns. Here is what you can see in her Etsy boutique...

Scrumptious isn't it? Go check her blog out : Her yarn is the prettiest, but her projects are also gorgeous! (check out her Claire Bennet jacket!). Don't forget about her, I will talk about her a lot more later... Have a nice week-end!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

What's Hot: Ravelry (18)

It's hot hot hot and it has just been listed on Ravelry! Every week or so, I show you the finest recently added patterns on Ravelry! Don't worry if you've missed it! Click on the image and queue it! Please note that all the images are not mine. They belong to the designer. You may need a Ravelry account (free!) to view the pattern profile.

Hi guys! Here's this week What's Hot on Ravelry! Enjoy and get your queue ready! On my part, my needles are on fire (for the secret project), as is my nose... go away cold!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Promotion: Snow day in Montreal!

Hi guys!

We got a big snowstorm in Montreal today.
Use the coupon code SNOWDAYMONTREAL in my Etsy boutique and get 25% off!

Have a nice snow day!

Friday, 4 March 2011

New Design : Gespeg

3.00$ USD

  • 17” unstreched (meant to be stretched out on head) (Blue version)
  • 19” unstreched (meant to be stretched out on head) (Pink version)
  • Size 17” : 4” (10 cm) = 21sts x 40 rows in Double diamond st pattern with US 7/4.5mm
  • Size 19” : 4” (10 cm) = 19sts x 36 rows in Double diamond st pattern with US 8/5.0mm
  • For size 17” (19”) : One set of 5 dpns US 7/4.5mm (US 8/5.0mm ) knitting needles OR size needed to get gauge.
  • Cable needle
  • Both sizes: 1 skein of Cascade Yarn 220 in Westpoint blue (100g, 220 yards, 100% wool)
  • OR 1 skein of Madelinetosh tosh vintage in Isadora (110g, 200 yards, 100% Merino)
  • OR at least 200 yards of any worsted weight yarn.

Gespeg is a slouch hat, perfect for cold days or chilly nights. Gespeg features a slipped stitch pattern, a twisted stitch ribbing, and beautiful crown shaping and just enough slouch to have a young and hip vibe. Pull it down on your ears or wear it a little bit higher, you won’t want to take it off! This pattern features charted and written instructions for both stitch pattern and crown shaping. Pattern has been tested and proof read.

I had so much fun designing this hat. I had fun working all those slipped stitches and seeing the stitch pattern come alive. And working with Madelinetosh is just about a dream come true! Yes, one of my knitting resolution was to buy some Madelinetosh for the first time. Now I can cross it off the list!

It was also my second collaboration with my photograph friend Laurie. We are really closed friends and it's always a pleasure to model for her!

On another note, I'm currently working on a super secret yet very exciting project. I will have to hustle and work like a mad knitter, but it will be oh so worth it! secret secret....

Have a nice week-end!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

What's Hot: Ravelry (17)

It's hot hot hot and it has just been listed on Ravelry! Every week or so, I show you the finest recently added patterns on Ravelry! Don't worry if you've missed it! Click on the image and queue it! Please note that all the images are not mine. They belong to the designer. You may need a Ravelry account (free!) to view the pattern profile.

Hi guys! This week's What's Hot on Ravelry is somewhat small, but those designs are gorgeous! Enjoy!

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