Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Random : Coastal Knits blog roll

Hi guys! Today I am more than excited to talk to you about what part I played in the awesome book Coastal Knits of Hannah Fettig and Alana Dakos. Those two amazing knitwear designers (and friends!) collaborated to create an array of wearable yet gorgeous patterns inspired by their respective coast, the West coast (Alana) and the East coast (Hannah).

How could I be more excited to part of this? Well, I don't know, I think this can't be topped. My Bayside pullover sample knit was beautifully photographed by the talented Carrie Bostick Hoge. When I saw the picture in the book, I was impressed by the beauty of the knit. Until I grasped that I knitted it. Then I was on the floor.

The pattern in itself is simple yet clever. The pairing of the design and the yarn couldn't be more perfect. The rope-y feeling of the linen yarn can be scary when you cast on, but once the sweater is long enough to try it, the lightness and the breathness (??) of the created fabric is just so summery. I might just need to open the book and knit another one...

Speaking of the book, if you don't already have a copy, go, get out, surf the web, order one! It is an absolute must. Not only is it a beautifully made book, but the patterns are all wearable. I tell you, a must.

Thank you again Hannah for offering me this opportunity to be a part of this book!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Hanspun : Picking up my drop spindle

Hi guys! I've been a naughty girl lately. I've been cheating on my knitting. My Westphalie and my Aidez are sitting in my knitting basket, waiting for me to work on them. But my mind is elsewhere.

I tried to spin yarn with my drop spindle before, but I wasn't thrilled with the results and got discouraged. At Rhinebeck, I encountered numerous spinners, and watching them spin was my "ah ha!" moment. In a second, I new how to spin, draft, twist.

In a matter of days I spun the rest of my Louet Corriedale fiber, which ended up being a thick and thin single, and ordered some fine Shetland top from Two Sisters Stringworks in two colorway: Hipster (green-yellow) and Light Rain (blue tones).

My first few tries were rewarding enough, and then I could just not stop. I spun the entire roving of Hipster.

Later, I decided to try plying. Althought it is still not perfect, I am quite happy with the way the yarn looks. I decided to ply the Corridale since I am not so fond of thick and thin single yarn. What I have now is a cute 2-ply worsted weight skein of 82 yards/43g.

I separated the Hipster roving in two equal parts. The first skein ended up slightly thick and thin, so it became a 2-ply aran weight skein of 82 yards/55g. The second skein was pretty regular (to my delight) and stayed like it was spun, a single, ligh fingering weight skein of 255 yards/55g.

Finally, don't miss Wednesday's blog post: it's my turn on the Coastal Knit blogroll!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

FO : Rhinebeck Kalajoki

Yarn: 1.5 skein of Berocco Ultra Alpaca Light in the Moonshadow colorway

Needles: US 2.5 / 3mm, one set of double pointed needles

Raveled here!

Hi guys! I casted on these socks to have something small and easy to carry on my weekend to Rhinebeck. I've been wearing those socks for a week now, and I can hardly take them off. They are cozy, comfortable, and oh so pretty! I absolutely love them! The pattern features both charts for a mirror effect on the foot, a french heel and an anatomical toe. Plus, knitted with DK yarn and 3 mm needles, these pretty ones go fast fast fast!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

What's Hot : Ravelry (25)

Hi guys! I know, you like these posts so much, and I keep you waiting! This week's What's Hot on Ravelry gives a special mention to the new Loft yarn from Brooklyn Tweed. You haven't seen it yet? Check it out, it is absolutely gorgeous! And why do this yarn deserves a special mention? Because the pattern booklet that comes with it is just to died for and this column would take ten pages and 3 hours to make if I was to post all the patterns. So, here is the link to the new Loft yarn by Brooklyn Tweed, and here is your favorite column, What's Hot on Ravelry! Enjoy!

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