Friday, 29 October 2010

FO: Ferry Hat

I needed an instant gratification, after working on Émilien which is a full sized hooded man cardigan, and the second sock on tiny 2,0 mm needles and a tricky lace pattern. Not that I don't like knitting them but, you know... sometimes we want to see the results!

And my boyfriend wanted this hat the moment he saw it. I mean, YAY! He wants me to knit him something! So, of course it was on my knitting list, and almost on the top. Plus, bulky yarn (perfectly good Nashua yarn) + hat pattern = super quick knit! It took me only 2 days, including the octopus appliqué. Merveilleux!

This pattern comes from a Berocco booklet, and the designer, Cirilia Rose, is a young and stylish and hip designer who works for them. And, for me, she is kind of a inspiration, or a role model. She looks about my age and she knits for a living. How much more could I dream of? Hum, let me think. Nothing. Oh, and I LOVE her designs. I already knitted Faverolle (which was a huge success on my blog and on Ravelry), and her Aidez (comes from Aidez-moi, which in french means Hekp me!) is in my queue!

But, back to the hat, it's gorgeous, it's my boyfriend's and I plan on stealing it. Regularly.

Again, stay tuned guys for the upcoming What's Hot on Ravelry post. I know I keep you waiting, but it will be even tastier that way! Have a nice week-end!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

In the interim

It's been a while since my last post, and man do I miss it. I love blogging, but lately I had to rearrange my priority list and... sadly, my blog is not on top! Neither is my knitting... oh no, and now I feel double-sad!

Don't worry guys, I haven't loss my knitting mojo. No, and I'll say that I want to knit more than ever! I've made some progress on Émilien, I started a hat for my beloved (that is almost finish... hooray for instant gratification and US 10 needles!), and I'm already sketching for another new design, Villeray.

So despite the fact that this post doesn't have any pictures, I hope it reassure you! I'm still alive and knitting in gorgeous Montreal, filled with amazing fall colors. Speaking of fall, I've been wearing lots of handknits! Who doesn't love fall for that?

Change of subject, but it's a subject that you all love very much: What's Hot on Ravelry! I haven't post for a while, but I kept going on Ravelry and collect all the new gorgeous patterns. I have a HUGE list, and the upcoming post later this week will be filled with gorgeousness and queuefillness (hum... is that a word?!?!?! lol)

So stay tuned! I know I work on your patience here, but it's going to be awesome, I promise!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Knitting monster

Hi guys! I was planning on doing a What's Hot on Ravelry post, but I'm going to post pone it and gather lots of beautiful patterns. I have made some progress on Émilien, but it's not ready yet... Instead of all this, a picture of me, with a bunch of hand knits. Enjoy!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

What's hot on Ravelry? Issue # 9

It's hot hot hot and it has just been listed on Ravelry! Every week I show you the finest recently added patterns on Ravelry! Don't worry if you've missed it! Click on the image and queue it! Please note that all the images are not mine. They belong to the designer. You may need a Ravelry account (free!) to view the pattern profile.

I had a blast preparing this post! I've been storing these gorgeous new patterns for a moment now: many of you have already read my previous post, I've been waaaay too busy with school and some random sickness kicked in. But! I just have time right now on my hand and I've been acking to make this post! So, without any more wait, go make some cleaning in your Ravelry queue and enjoy!!!

THIS WEEK'S FAVORITE (I couldn't decide!!)








Edited for my poor english grammar!
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