My name is Ariane, I am a French Canadian knitter living in cold and windy Montréal... which is awesome to wear knitted garment! Winters are long, freezing and snowy, Falls are beautiful, and Springs are cold enough for gorgeous handknitted shawls. Summers? Well... at night it's chilly! How could a knitter ask for more?

This is why you can find on my website the tab French Canadian Knits, which contains compilations of my knitting patterns. There is also a Free Patterns tab, which includes... well free patterns!

On my Blog, you will find daily updates of my knitting work, my inspiration, and a little bit of my everyday life: you will know soon enough that in April 2011 I graduate from my Linguistics and German Studies, that my mother language is French and that I love knitting, biking and cooking!

One popular feature on my blog is the What's Hot on Ravelry post, which happens weekly or so. The consist of a round up of the newest and hottest patterns on Ravelry! Just sit down, click and queue: I do all the work for you!

On the right column, you will find a window on my Etsy boutique, which carries stitchmarkers, my knitting patterns, needles cases and knitted goods (coming). Underneath, you also have a direct link to all my selling patterns!

For more information about how to contact me for patterns, requests, questions, classes (why not?) or sponsorship, please visit the Contact tab (under construction).

Have a lovely time on my website!
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