Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Yarn Candy : Twist Festival Frenzy

Did you ever enter a store a bought everything you thought was pretty? Or you know, in TLC's What not to wear show, you don't look at the price and buy everything? Well, I kinda did that on Sunday.

I went to the Twist Fiber Festival in St-André-Avelin, and believe me, it was like Christmas. And by that I mean I spent waaaaay too much on yarn and fiber. Busted budget? Check. Enough yarn for at least a year worth of knitting? Check. A discouraged husband? Check.

I'm still glad I bought all this because I will get to try new yarns, such as Julie Asselin's, Purlin' J's Roving Yarn and Mrs. Crosby's. I like to think I'm really up to date in the yarn world, but I've never heard of them (except for Julie Asselin, of course). I can't wait to cast on!

I also got my hands on beautiful spinning fiber, which I can't wait to spin. *Oh god, so many projects...*

How will I ever be able to go through all that with a 4 months old baby???

Riverside Studio Merino Top, 100% Merino, in grey and yellow. I still don't know if I'll spin a single or a two ply. A shawl? A cowl? Ply with another roving? 

Some gorgeous Jullie Asselin's Merino Roving. I'm think of a single (so laceweight yarn), and a shawl, to show off those great colors!

Malabrigo Nube in Piedra! So psyched to finally put my hand on some!

A brand that I didn't know of, Violette Yarn Co. I now have in my stash two skeins of Cashmerino Fingering in a "celeri" colorway. It's so soft, it'll definitively be a scarf!

Purlin' J's alpaca yarn, worsted weight. Another new brand to me! So new, it's not even listed on Ravelry! The (superr sweet) owner handdyes yarn from a local Ontario alpaca farm. And you should see her shop : it's a truck! Yes yes, a "milkman" bright red truck, full of dreamy yarn!

Another (yes!) discovery for me, Mrs. Crosby Hat Box yarn, in Hot Pimiento colorway. Just for the sake of trying it!

Aw yeah, some totally awesome Zen Garden Yarn Serenity 20. This will become a garter stitch shawl. 

Riverside Studio Merino singles. Ocre/yellow colorway. I couldn't resist!

I think I was really impressed by the Riverside Studio stand, because I also bought some Merino Sock. Oops!

This one as hard to photograph : white on white... Still dreamy, some Sheldridge Farm Soft Touch Lace.

A Quebecer brand, Biscotte & cie. I took some Felix in Gris-gris colorway.

Last but not least, two yummy skeins of Jullie Asselin's Piccolo yarn. And yep, those are new colorways from her Fall 2014 line, Anémone (purple) and Parchemin (beige). Those will become a Life on Sundays shawl by Veera Välimäki.

Didn't I say it was like Christmas?

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

On The Needle : Flowing Lines

These days, knitting is keeping me mentally balanced. Yep, adjusting to motherhood is hard (and sometimes harder than I thought). Parents keep telling me that the first 6 months are the hardest, and yet others say it's between 1 and 2 years old that the "party" really begins... So I guess I'll just keep on knitting!

I started this sweater (Flowing Lines by Veera Välimäki)just before getting pregnant. In my baby knits frenzy, I put it aside. Now that my belly is back to its almost normal size, I feel like I can work on it. After all, I kinda deserve it ;) Plus, it will be a great sweater to wear this fall.

I didn't have any problems to hop back into the cable pattern, even after this several months break. Plus, Veera's pattern is really simple and well written, so even though the cabling requires a bit of concentration, the Malabrigo Worsted (colorway Dark Earth) and big needles make it go fast!

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