Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Knitting benefits

These past days, I felt like crap. Yes! It's strange for me who is always bubbly, happy and in top shape! But everything went just ... wrong! Yesterday, I forgot my keys and my access pass home so I couldn't lock my bike at work, and couldn't enter my job's building! And I realized, right at my front door, that I couldn't go home either... because my keys were inside the appartment! I had to go at my boyfriend's job to take his keys...
And then a really unscrupulous person fraud my cellphone account. Yes! I was receiving Text messages spam and unwanted calls! I had to change my cellphone number!
And then at work, my boss and I missplaced a super important shipping paper. We couldn't find it and had to make another (and get all the information back)...

Yes, I know it sounds like small things, but I think it's THAT time of the month because to me, it looks like a mountain!

But, I decided to do something to cheer me up : knitting!

Ah, knitting, dear to my heart. Everytime I feel blue or bad, I knit. Even if it asks me a little kick in the butt to start (when I'm really feeling bad), I am still amazed by the wonders of knitting.

Do you know that knitting helps you lose weight? Yes! According to the website psychology101, the first tip to lose weight is by taking up knitting! It keeps your mind occupied, and helps you lose weight without exercising.

And I do have a personal story that supports this argument. My mother, which I love and is reading this (she read every of my post. I love you mom!), once told me that knitting saved her from depression.
My mom suffers from diabetes and have a hard time controlling it. Not that she isn't carefull! The disease is just very strong and very uncontrollable. And to keeps her from eating sweets or chocolate or things that could make her go in hyperglycemia, well she knits! Lately, she does Norvegian lace and Cross Stitching, but knitting was the craft that saved her originally.

So, to you all who want to lose weight, or are bored and doesn't know what to do, take up knitting! It's not only a good wait to keep your hands busy, to keep you away from the fridge and is self rewarding!


spinndiva said...

Hey there sweety! So sorry to hear you are feeling bad! :(
I hope it passes soon! Big hugs your way!

Great suggestions about how knitting can help you through things. Sort of like therapy.
I have heard of knitting helping people to stop their smoking habit! Since their fingers were busy with the needles, they did not miss the cigarette.:)

craftivore said...

Knitting definitely helps with many evils, it's very meditative. Sorry about your crummy month, Murphy's law that when one thing goes wrong others will follow. Not sure if that's really Murphy's, but it should be.

WorstedKnitt said...

Knitting really does cheer one up. I hope you'll be feeling better and happier soon!

Kristen said...

Yes I find knitting to be very therapeutic and comforting:)

Hope your feeling better! xx

Leo said...

Et bien j'espère que ça va mieux maintenant, ça arrive des fois des mauvaises passes! Au moin t'as le tricot... :)

Prend soin de toi et continue la tricothérapie! haha


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