Friday, 22 April 2011

Interview : Skein yarns

Hi guys! I am really, really happy to post this interview of Kristen from Skein Yarns. I absolutely LOVE her hand dyed yarns, and I am not the only one! She opened her Etsy shop for business in May 2010, and she has already over 2000 sales! This is pretty impressive, but not so much if you look at her gorgeous yarns. I mean, they sell themselves! Check her Etsy shop as fast as you can when she updates it, because you might miss it! Let's hear what she has to say!

How would you describe your work in three words?

Colour Infused Yarns/Fiber (I know thats technically 4 words, but I couldn't resist :))

Where to you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from everywhere films, blogs, magazines, landscapes. Sometimes even a word or phrase that I hear sets my mind to thinking about a certain colour or colour combination. I have a small notebook that I carry around so that when I get an idea I can jot it down...otherwise I tend to forget.

What is your favorite hand made gift to give?

I love giving little crochet tea mats/pot holders away..they are so handy and colourful and are really quick to make, plus they use up spare yarn.

If you had an extra hour in a day, what would you do with it?

I wish! I would probably use it to teach myself how to spin. I brought a spinning wheel months ago and I think I've used it 4-5 times, so if I had an extra hour a day I would be using it to spin.

Is there other crafts beside fiber crafts that you like?

I sew, in fact I have a pile of gorgeous fabric ready to be cut into squares to make a simple patchwork quilt...I'm intending to hand quilt it, which will probably take years. And of course I knit, which I absolutely love.

Are you a perfectionist?

Yes, which is a real pain at times because I will spend hours on something trying to get it right when I really should have been satisfied hours ago! I seem to loose a lot of my time this way.

Favorite sense: sight, hearing, smell, taste or touch?

Sight, definitely sight is my favourite sense....taste is a close second.

What is the best advice you've ever received?

I got to the point in my previous career where I just fell completely out of love with what I was doing, my Etsy store had started to pick up and I had a really good feeling that maybe I could turn this into a full time job. I was talking to my mother about what I should I stay with the 'stable' job or do I take a gamble and leave my job (and steady income!) to pursue what I loved mother said 'Do whatever makes you happy'. Of course a few months later I left my job and I haven't once regretted my decision. That was the best advise ever.

What do you wish for yourself and your business?

That my business continues to grow and that I continue to enjoy what Im really is the BEST job ever!

Thank you so much Kristen for taking time to answer my questions! You can also read another awesome interview of Kristen at 1000 Alpaca blog. And go check her Etsy shop! (Quick, I know her update was today...)

Oh, and I'll be patiently waiting for some Skein yarn... for an exclusive pattern! I can't wait for the yarn to arrive! Stay tuned...

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Lune said...

Je viens de commander mon premier écheveau... Pas raisonnable mais si j'attends que 1) mon armoire se vide, 2) mon banquier regarde ailleurs, 3) j'ai trouvé le modèle avant d'acheter le fil, etc... je n'en aurai jamais ☺ Et elles me font trop envie, ces laines !

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