Monday, 21 February 2011

Random : Stylish Blogger award!

Hi Guys! This morning I woke up with a sweet surprise: I was nominate by Bridget from Spinndiva and received a Stylish Blogger award! If you're wondering what it is, it's a unofficial award designed by a person who reads your blog. This person was also nominated by one of her/his follower. Isn't it a great way to say "continue to blog!"?

I love awards like that, because they are a great way to hear about readers. The other fun part is: you have 3 small tasks to do. The first one is thanking the person who nominated you. So here I go Bridget, thank you again for nominating me! You've been one of my first followers, if not the first, and you've always been there. My success, my sad story, my projects... I am more than happy I have been nominated by you! Check out her blog, she really is a giving person, she is so lovely and delightful! Ok. Did I thanked you enough? hihi!

The second task sharing with you 7 personal things that you probably don't know about me:
  1. When I was about 18 years-old, I had my hair dyed. I had every color. Blue, red, orange, pink (that was awesome), violet, green, yellow, black... Since then, my hair have always stayed brown, my natural color.
  2. Before knitting, I had 2 passions: music and drawing. I studied music for more than 10 years. I play piano, bass clarinet, orchestral percussions and I babble drums. And I used to sell my drawings. I stopped, because I didn't had fun anymore...
  3. I don't have any allergies.
  4. I don't smell anything. Yes, you read right: I don't smell anything or so. I was born this way (funny reference to Lady Gaga perhaps?).
  5. I love to exercise.
  6. I also love to eat, which balances it out!
  7. I don't like summer!
Hey that was fun! Now my third and last task is to give the Stylish Blogger Award to 15 other blogs! Wow that's a lot! But hey, I love to give, so here we go!
  1. Thea from Baby Cocktails : I love her designs and her posts!
  2. Eva from Missingstitch : We can see her bloom at every project!
  3. Allison from The Sweatshop of love : Always so lovely!
  4. Kristen from Skein : I'm just so jealous of her success!
  5. Hannah from Palindrome Knits : We have so much same tastes!
  6. Gudrun from The Shetland Trader : Huge fan. It says it all.
  7. Hannah from Knitbot : Again, huge fan.
  8. Veera from 100% rain : Who doesn't love her designs?!
  9. Alana from Never Not Knitting : Her photographs are always so beautiful!
Have a nice week everyone!


Cecile said...

Congratulations for this award!

Anonymous said...

What a fun award! Congratulations. :) I have always enjoyed reading your stylish blog.

A Playful Day said...

Congratulations- you are indeed, very stylish!

Everlasting said...

Bien mérité :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Congratulations for the award and THANXS, you made my day :)

And I'm sad and happy for you that you can't smell. There are really nice smells in the world but it also would be great not to smell some things.

Tonight I will have to BLOG :)

The Sweatshop of Love said...

Ohh you are too sweet! Thanks so much for including me in that list of amazing bloggers! Totally made my morning!

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