Thursday, 16 December 2010

Béthanie, Quentin and Phébée

You may remember that, in one of my last post, I said that I needed to make three scarves before December 15th, despite studying for my finals. Well, be proud of me people, because I made it, and with spare time! I had already knitted Béthanie when I made the post, but now Quentin and Phébée are also done! Yay me! As I am writting, they are on their way to Germany!

2.00 US

Let's start with a quick refresh of Béthanie, a stylish yet simple infinity scarf. I really love the way it stays right on your face, protecting you from the cold wind. The bulkiness of the Cascade Ecological Wool really makes this scarf a good, quick, appreciated Christmas gift!

Quentin is a really, really simple unisex scarf. This pattern is for the knitter who is running out of time! Knitted with a super bulky weight yarn, it is knitted up fast fast fast! The stitch used creates a smooshy, squishy fabric. And again, this scarf is a great unisex gift.

Phébée - infinity scarf


Phébée is a feminine, gorgeous infinity scarf, like its sister Béthanie. The concept is the same, but the delicate stitch used here creates a proper stylish effect. The Cascade Eco + makes it soft and warm. So, it's two birds one stone: style and winter protection!

The three patterns are available separately or together, in the French Canadian Knits Quick Christmas Gifts ebook, available throught Ravelry on throught my Etsy boutique!


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hannah said...

I love these patterns! Now I have to find some Eco Wool in the right colour to make Bethanie!

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