Thursday, 28 October 2010

In the interim

It's been a while since my last post, and man do I miss it. I love blogging, but lately I had to rearrange my priority list and... sadly, my blog is not on top! Neither is my knitting... oh no, and now I feel double-sad!

Don't worry guys, I haven't loss my knitting mojo. No, and I'll say that I want to knit more than ever! I've made some progress on Émilien, I started a hat for my beloved (that is almost finish... hooray for instant gratification and US 10 needles!), and I'm already sketching for another new design, Villeray.

So despite the fact that this post doesn't have any pictures, I hope it reassure you! I'm still alive and knitting in gorgeous Montreal, filled with amazing fall colors. Speaking of fall, I've been wearing lots of handknits! Who doesn't love fall for that?

Change of subject, but it's a subject that you all love very much: What's Hot on Ravelry! I haven't post for a while, but I kept going on Ravelry and collect all the new gorgeous patterns. I have a HUGE list, and the upcoming post later this week will be filled with gorgeousness and queuefillness (hum... is that a word?!?!?! lol)

So stay tuned! I know I work on your patience here, but it's going to be awesome, I promise!


Thea said...

I find it goes in waves..... And the nice thing about the blog is that that's just fine! happy knitting in the meantime :-)

Anonymous said...

Including pics is the hardest thing for me with blogging -- I can do a couple posts per week, but pics?

Looking forward to your next What's Hot!

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