Thursday, 29 July 2010


Size available : 33” (35.5”, 38”, 43”, 48”, 50.5”)
Shown in size 38" with no ease. It is intended to be worn with no ease.
Amount of yarn required: 300g (400g, 400g, 500g, 500g, 600g) of any DK weight yarn.

Available as a Ravelry purchase and in my Etsy boutique!

I am happy to show you my latest new design, Cybelle. Cybelle is a super comfortable, fitted and fluffy cardigan. Worked from the top-down with raglan shaped elbow-length sleeves, this cardigan is perfect for beginners or knitter seeking for an easy knit! To add a little challenge and convenience, pockets are worked on both fronts. Perfect to carry pocket change or a cellphone.

Here is a little story about the name of the cardigan. You see, "Cybelle" is my middle name. Yes! My name is Ariane Cybelle. I used to hate that name, but as wisdom and maturity grew with time, I started to like it. I think it has a vintage feel to it, like my first name and many other old French Canadian names. This is why I choose buttons with a vintage feel. And I think they work well with the 100% Handspun alpaca yarn too!

Speaking of the yarn... You might see that in the pictures, some straw pieces and dirt pop out of the yarn. Well, it's because the Alpaca was really, really dirty. The yarn is so soft and fluffy, but knitting with it was a pain... Which leads me to talk about yarn substitution. You could use any 100% Alpaca yarn, such as Alpakka by Sandnes Garn, Baby Alpaca DK by Plymouth Yarn, Baby Twist by Alpaca with a Twist or Drops Classic Alpaca by Garn Studio. If the fluffy alpaca effect is not so important for you, you could go with an Alpaca blend, or another DK weight!

And so far, I LOVE my cardigan. When I designed it, I was picturing myself in a classroom, frozen. I wanted something easy to wear, practical, and without too much frills and ruffles. A basic! I decided to do elbow-lenght sleeves so they wouldn’t be in the way while taking notes. And the pockets, perfect to carry some pocket change, at the break, to go buy a coffee!

And stay tuned, because really soon (like, really soon), the Dalia pattern will be release!


spinndiva said...

SQUEEEEEEEEE! I love it!!!!! *frantically summarizes stash in her head to find suitable yarn*

rachel said...

this is such a perfect a/c proof office cardi - love it!

brizmus said...

ooh, pretty! T'es vraiment douee Ariane!
Et oui, je compte revenir a MontreaL! Entre mars 2011 et juin 2011. Pas encore decide quand, mais j'aurai bientot mon visa!

Jackie said...

hey, Cybelle is a nice name. Love the vintage look of the photos, button and you wearing the beautiful Cybelle.

WorstedKnitt said...

How beautiful! And I really like the name too :)

Kristen said...

Very nice, love the simple design and the pockets with the button detail. Its queued!

Where the nodding violets grow said...

I love this cardi. Can't wait to see Dalia

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