Friday, 4 June 2010

The diet is over

After a visit to a local Alpaca farm this winter, and after severely busting my budget, I decided to go on a yarn diet. I stop buying new yarn (with success!) until last week's post. I bought some gorgeous laceweight skeins of Malabrigo and Alpaca.

And that was it. The diet was over. All my willpower vanished in a second! All I could think about was yarn yarn yarn! It's like the yarnie demon that I struggled to hide inside me found an exit and is now free!

And you know what? I LOVE IT! That is why I broke the now obsolete and, with some hindsight, ridiculous rule of not buying new yarn! LYS, be aware... the yarnie demon is awake and he's hungry!

Ah, Malabrigo. I haven't even started something with the laceweight skein I bought last week, and already I bought another skein, but this time sockweight. I'm planning on selfishly make myself a shawl with it... I have some ideas, but do some of you have suggestions?

I also bought a skein of Schachenmayr Regia 4-färbig sock weight yarn. Slightly variagated, the grey tones will make a perfect pair of socks for my mother-in-law, who lives in France. She always knits thing for me (like, SWEATERS, how thoughtful is that!!!), and everytime she sends goodies to my boyfriend (who's also French... rhetoric precision), she always includes a little gift for me. I think the best way to thank her is by knitting her gorgeous, complicated and difficult stuff! I mean, as a knitter, she will totally understand how much time and efforts I put in her garment!

And you, how do you thank the ones you love? Do you knit things for them?


Andrea said...

I love knitting for those in my family that appreciate it (which most do!). I just wish I had someone to knit for me!

The Sweatshop of Love said...

I never yarn diet because when I break it it's worse than if I was just buying it as I went! I knit a few Traveling Woman shawls for my mom and grandmother and I loved the pattern and FOs. I think anything knit with that yarn is going to turn out hot.

Ariane said...

You know what? You're right. It's exactly like any diet : you always gain more weight than you lost!

Where the nodding violets grow said...

Both of the yarns are beautiful. I think I have some of the Regia grey yarn in my stash so I will be interested to see what you make with it. I always appreciate something knitted for me because of the time the person has put into it (I have to say I have only ever had one knitted gift). I think socks are a delicious thank you gift for your mother in law. I'm sure she will love them.

Kristen said...

Malabrigo is addictive:) I love the Ochre colourway...yummmo!

Rainy Daisy said...

My in-laws are also French! Ok, French-Swiss mostly. I knit things for people that will mostly likely appreciate them. And even very simple things tend to be loved like diamonds. I always feel like I have to knit something terribly complicated, when in reality my loved ones would fall head over heels for a simple pair of socks. And honestly, non-knitters don't know which projects are complicated and which aren't.

So sweet of your boyfriend's mum. Sorry about the yarnie demons. Maybe it's the yarnie angels giving you permission? In any case, sometimes yarn isn't only worth the garment you make with it. If it inspires you (and Malabrigo is almost a guarantee there) then it's worth much more, right?

Perhaps I am a yarnie demon. Or just a terrible enabler. Apologies. Love you blog!

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