Thursday, 20 May 2010

FO: Boneyard Shawl

I needed a mindless project to knit between my boutique sewing projects. And wanted to knit something easy before starting another pullover, which requires lots of time, thinking and effort. And this cute shawl certainly fits the bill!

I'll be totally honest with you, this is not my favorite knitted project I have made. Don't get me wrong, the pattern is super well written, the idea and concept behind the shawl is ingenious and effective, the yarn will keep me warm next fall... I think that, at the end, I was just bored! I really love the end result, it made me use some stashed yarn. I think it was just the whole process of knitting this that turned me off. No sense of accomplishment after binding off. No selfrewarding feeling. Just... well another shawl!

We can clearly see the loose stitch... right there...

Maybe it's because a have reach a certain level in my knitting journey. I realized that, if the project doesn't require me to concentrate a bit, need me to focus on counting my stitches or always be aware of counting my rows for some increases or decreases, it... bores me!

Hehe me trying to give a serious top model attitude

Now that's better!

Why so serious Ariane?

Ok. I'm feeling like I'm being harsh on this shawl. I wore it all afternoon and I really love it. It's big (68" wingspan x 32" depth), cozy, and I love the contrasting color bind off (I didn't have enough yarn to bind off, and I was too lazy to unknit a whole row. I had some leftovers from the same yarn but in a different color...).

I don't really know why, but I LOVE this picture!

I really can't wait to wear it this fall, or even during a chilly northern summer night. But let me tell you that my next project (that I'm bringing to tonight's Stitch'n Bitch) is plenty of construction! *hint hint... a sweater?!?* Yep, a sweater indeed! It'll be in the next post. So stay tuned and have a nice *early* week-end!


Knit Purl Gurl said...

I LOVE the color! I know what you mean though. Recently I knit the Stockinette Stitch Shrug from Lion Brand Yarns. It was ALL ss in one big rectangle. Just when I thought I would die of boredom, it was finished. On the upside, it was a great project to take to knitting group because it WAS so mindless. And also, after seaming, it did look purdy. Sometimes we need a few mindless knits in between.

spinndiva said...

I love the bid off in a different colour! It gives it just a little "zing" without distracting. Great job!

brizmus said...

franchement ariane, tu ne cesses jamais de m'etonner. Le shale est vraiment tres joli! Et j'adore la couleur!

knittyornice said...

i LOVE the contrasting color you used. I too find that i get "bored" if what i'm doing is repetitive to the point where i've memorized it. BUT at the same time, sometimes those kind of projects are just what i need :) Love the shawl... it's gorgeous.

craftivore said...

Your boneyard requires more brain power than the stockinette scarf from hell that I'm working on. AND, it's beautiful.

Kristen said...

I really love the blue border, such a cute shawl. Goes so well with your jeans and cute top.

I also love 'that' picture too!

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